A sad day for blackboards at UWA

Over the next few months, the whole of the Mathematics building at UWA will be refurbished, including air-conditioning on the first floor, a re-design of the administration area, and an overhaul of the surrounding lecture theatres. Weatherburn LT, Blakers LT, and Maths Lecture Room 1, 2, 3 have had their blackboards ripped out, to be replaced with WHITEBOARDS (see the carnage below). I have already given my reservations about this exchange and lost the battle, and I am sure we will regret this move … alas.


One thought on “A sad day for blackboards at UWA

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  1. A sad sight, those in authority unable to see the clear evidence. I have ranted often enough about how boards (unlike computer slides) slow the lecturer down to something like the students’ speed, while blackboards in particular are easier to write well on (maybe because of the bite of the chalk on the board). There is evidence from questionnaires that students prefer them. But as you say, it is a battle mostly lost. In the last refurbishment of the maths building at Queen Mary, they replaced dreadful heavy blackboards in the main lecture theatre by very nice new ones (though there was a last-ditch attempt by management to sneak in whiteboards), but the building is again being refurbished and it is not clear to me that they will survive.
    At St Andrews I have a blackboard in my office, a luxury which will not last if (as I hope) the university builds us a new building. The lecture rooms all have whiteboards now.

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