Irsee (Day 4 and 5)

Thursday began with my own talk, which I had spent hours over-preparing all week! I think it went well, and it was followed by talks in related topics by my student Jesse Lansdown and Ferdinand Ihringer. Overall, it was a very enjoyable list of talks, and in topics I’ve had a dabble in. Thursday evening saw the FinInG group spend a few hours becoming acquainted with Git and BitBucket.

Friday began with a marvellous talk by Kai-Uwe Schmidt … again, on a topic I was familiar with. I missed one of the sessions for another research session with Anurag Bishnoi and Ferdinand Ihringer, but the last session finished the conference off nicely with three nice talks by Gabor Korchámros, Daniele Bartoli, and Simeon Ball. We then had a conference dinner, comprising not only of food, but of impromptu piano performances by Giovanni Longobardi and Jan De Beule. Michel Lavrauw gave an interesting stat during his conference dinner speech: there were 73 attendees and 58 talks! So it was indeed a busy conference.

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