Irsee (Day 2 and 3)

I’ve been extremely busy at this conference, and so a summary of the past two days comes at once. On Tuesday, we had Dieter Jungnickel’s talk on Hamada’s Conjecture and related things. We then had “design-like” talks for most of the day. I did miss one of the sessions where I had some urgent work to do, but I very much enjoyed the talks that I did attend. In particular, Jim Davis’ talk was spectacular, on difference sets of groups of order 256. Tuesday evening was particularly special with Jan De Beule playing a mini-concert as bookends to an ICA medal presentation. Jan played a set of three Chopin numbers that I knew well, and finished with Beethoven’s Adagio Cantible (2nd movement). Yesterday (Wednesday), we had a short day, for the afternoon was free time. We had three talks: Joachim Rosenthal, Karen Meagher, and Leo Storme. All of these talks were interesting to me, hence why I’m so exhausted! After lunch, a bunch of us went for a long walk out into the local farmlands. On the way back from a small tea/wine/beer-house, it rained a bit, so I was feeling a little wet and wind-swept when we got back. In the evening, we (Michel Lavrauw, Jan De Beule, and I) had our FinInG-demo, which was a success, apart from some problems with the projector at the beginning. Many of the attendees came along, and I hope, we will have some new users of our finite geometry package soon.

Here is a photo from the walk:

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