Marketing campaign trivialises research

All the universities in Australia are having their “Open Day” events, which usually consists of a mix of a children’s carnival plus some information on courses and degrees for secondary school students. Just when you thought the marketing fraternity could not get lower, the geniuses at La Trobe University have introduced an instagrants campaign. The idea was that if you took a selfie in front of a designated research poster, then $150 would be given by the university to that research area. I wonder how long it will take the other universities to come up with this idea too!


One thought on “Marketing campaign trivialises research

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  1. So in the training session in which this offensive campaign was described, the idea was that the $150000 in research grants would be distributed according to how many Instagram selfies each of the five “key research areas” received. Somewhere between that meeting and the event itself, the selfie requirement was dropped. So I guess that’s an improvement? I don’t even know anymore.

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