News Update

It’s been a long time since we posted anything here, but things have kept on happening, so I thought I’d just give a sketchy update.

One of the reasons behind the hiatus in blog posts is that there’s now only two months to go before we host 37ACCMCC, the annual Australasian Combinatorial Conference, here in Perth. I’m the director of the organising committee and it’s quite a juggling act trying to keep on top of everything. It’s a bit of a guessing game too, because we have to book things like the conference dinner and excursion, but with most people registering at the last minute, we have no real idea of numbers! Now I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end, I’m going to register early for all future conferences!

We have a poster now though, which you can see here (or as a PDF here); you can probably recognise the nice building from our blog’s banner image.


I’d also like to draw your attention to yet another new mathematical blog, this time focussed on matroid theory – The Matroid Union – with yet another mathematical pun as a title. It’s been organized primarily by Stefan van Zwam and Dillon Mayhew, but will aggregate blog posts from a much larger number of people, and make them available on a regular schedule. It’s a good idea to have more authors to overcome the inevitable “blog fatigue” and long dry spells that bedevil many blogs, SymOmega included, but I reckon that the 1-per-week proposed posting schedule is going to be tough to keep up.

One upcoming matroid event to look out for is the inclusion of the sage_matroids package into the next release of Sage (5.12), which will finally bring some of the basic computational facilities similar to those enjoyed by group theorists using, e.g. GAP, to matroid researchers. In other words, it makes it simple for the end-user to create, manipulate and explore small matroids. Of course, computational group theory is vastly more advanced that computational matroid theory can ever hope to be, but it should be a foundation on which the community can build.


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