Vale Marialuisa de Resmini

I just heard the news (via Franco Mazzocca) that finite geometer Marialuisa de Resmini passed away last Friday. I only met her a few times, but she struck me as a strong and resolute lady who cared for the development of young mathematicians. I think it was in Irsee 2006, she was the chair of the session I was speaking in, and she said to me “I liked your talk because you weren’t screaming at us”. Marialuisa’s research results were mainly in the theory of projective planes and block designs, and according to Mathscinet, collaborated most with Dieter Jungnickel, Jennifer Key, and Antonello Cossidente; thus showing her breadth.


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  1. Marialuisa was certainly one of the most helpful people I have known, especially helpful to foreign visitors from beginning mathematics students to professional mathematicians visiting Roma for the first time. Her office was filled to overflowing with students who
    idolized her and were just waiting, hoping to be asked brusquely to go run some errand and be quick about it. Her chalk board was often not really available because it was filled with the most beautiful colored drawings created by students waiting for her to return and she did not want the drawings to be destroyed. I owe her a great deal and miss her immensely.

  2. I was one of these students. Although I graduated ten years ago, i will remember her kindness for the rest of my life.

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