Combinatorics in Perugia

This week I’ve been attending the biennial Italian conference “Combinatorics”, which this time, was in the beautiful city of Perugia. For some reason, I was burdened by jet lag for the first 3 days, I must be getting old! There were three parallel sessions and some wonderful invited talks. I will mention only some of the good talks, and I will refrain from chastising some of the poor talks (and there were some). I particularly liked the talks of Geertrui Van de Voorde, Antonio Cossidente, Oli King, Nicola Durante, Jonathan Jedwab, Peter Horak, Qing Xiang, Philippe Cara, Simeon Ball, Ferdinand Ihringer, Olga Polverino, Michel Lavrauw and John Sheekey. On the Wednesday afternoon, we had the choice of two excursions: Assisi or Gubbio, and I went for the former. The tour guide was excellent, she had much to share about her interpretations of the 13th century paintings.

As a constant observer of the price of living in Perth, I am astonished to see that an espresso in central Italy costs 90 Euro cents! (In Perth, you can hardly find an espresso for less than $3.50). I promised Irene Pivotto that I would record proof of this fact on my journey, so here it is:


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  1. I went for a four hour hike up and down sulphur mountain on my first full day at banff and that did wonders for the jetlag.

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