Problems in Yanchep

In early April, 11 of us from our research group at UWA went to the seaside town of Yanchep, just north of Perth, for a research retreat. Anne Thomas from the Uni of Sydney joined us, and had a tough trip back to the airport due to a problem with the trains. The venue was Club Capricorn and our shacks were a stone’s throw from the ocean. A bunch of us presented open problems in the first couple of hours, and then we split into working groups. I won’t give away too much but two of the problems have already produced enough for a couple of publications. One was on a problem posed by Anne, the other was given by Alice Devillers and Wei Jin. Unfortunately, the natural flow of a university has prevented us from making more progress on the other problems. We need more time away from the campus to get some more work done! I will leave it to others to report more on the success of the retreat.


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  1. A nice place for a problem retreat! I went there in the 1960s, when I was in the UQ athletics team at Inter-Varsity in Perth. But do the trains go there now? When we were at Cheryl’s conference, they only went as far as Neerabup…

  2. Yes the train still goes as far as Clarkson (by Neerabup), so one needs to take a bus from Yanchep to the train line. The state government plans to extend the line to Butler.

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