Welcome Luca Bamberg-Bouckley

I’m delighted to report that Amy and John welcomed their first child into the world on Friday; a healthy baby boy named Luca.

Vital statistics: 3.78kg and 51cm long at birth.

The name was a mystery to us all for a long time and subject of much discussion. We all thought about using the surname of a famous finite geometer to nudge him in the right direction, but for some reason Amy vetoed Payne, Thas AND Tits. Fussy, if you ask me. I looked up the name Luca on some “baby-name” website to see if it had some deep meaning, but apparently it just means “Man from Lucania”. (Actually, this seems frankly implausible to me because a name constructed on those lines would be essentially useless throughout Lucania, but then I’m no expert on baby names.)

Anyway, congratulations to both Amy and John, and welcome Luca!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Luca Bamberg-Bouckley

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  1. LUCA
    comes from the greek Lykanòs, and can be seen as born in Lucania (Basilicata, Italy)
    but another meaning is coming from Lyke, “luce” (light), that means born in the first lights of the morning.
    Congratulations John and Amy

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