Journal of Group Theory

Good news. The dispute at the Journal of Group Theory noted earlier has been resolved. Chris Parker sent the following email to the group-pub-forum today.

The complete editorial board of the Journal of Group Theory have
come to a negotiated settlement with the publishers Walter de
Gruyter. John Wilson will continue to act as the Editor-in-Chief.
Jim Howie, Linus Kramer and Chris Parker will act as Managing
Editors, supporting John. The key points of the agreement are:

Joint ownership of the journal title and distribution list.
Free online access to all articles 36 months after publication.
Agreement to donate electronic access to certain requested 
journals to Oberwolfach.
A pledge to help third world countries to access the journal.

The entire editorial board are now ready to receive submissions 
of high quality articles with main theme being  group theory 
and its applications.

The editorial board is as follows:

Miklos Abert
Alexandre V. Borovik
Nigel Boston
Martin R. Bridson
Michel Broue
Francesco de Giovanni
Robert Guralnick
James Howie
Andrei Jaikin Zapirain
William M. Kantor
Evgenii I. Khukhro
Dessislava H. Kochloukova
Linus Kramer
Gunter Malle
Alexandre Yu. Olshanskii
Christopher W. Parker
Derek J. S. Robinson
George Willis
John S. Wilson

From, Linus Kramer, James Howie, Chris Parker and John Wilson.

We can now go back to submitting articles there.

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  1. Hooray…… Mathematicians can write, typeset, and peer review for the journal for free, and the journal *only* gets to charge outrageous access fees for 36 months! (And seize the article copyrights so it can rescind this agreement at any later date, presumably) What a bargain!

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