Oh no, Google Wave will be shut down!

I just found out that my beloved Google Wave is going to be shut down. Some of you may know that we use Google Wave to keep up research collaborations, upload and share documents and organise ourselves. You can read our previous post on it here. But it will be no more…



5 thoughts on “Oh no, Google Wave will be shut down!

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  1. I did not have a lot of time to really get into Google Wave, but from what I have read from others, it seemed to find a good use as a collaboration tool. While there are plenty of project management and “Getting Things Done” applications out there, you really don’t see too many people-focused collaboration tools. However, Fellowstream is trying to change, give us a look: http://www.fellowstream.com

  2. You should try and experiment with google docs now. It has been much improved as of late.

    If multiple people are editing a doc, you can see people’s cursors moving in realtime, and their edits. You can jump to their cursor to see where they are doing or where they are focussed.

    Comments can be inserted into the side of the document by selecting some text and using ‘Ctrl-Alt-M’. Comments can be replied to to form little discussion threads about a part of the document.

    There is a modest equation editor, that will at least allow the easy insertion of Omegas. You can change the width of documents (I often make them wider).

    In some ways it is worse and other ways better than wave (it doesnt crash!).

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