Akshay Venkatesh

Today I had a meeting at our Institute of Advanced Studies to discuss the  programme for Akshay Venkatesh‘s  visits here as a  Professor-at-Large for 2010 and 2011. This will involve a visit each year and the tentative schedule is that over the course of his two visists he will give a public lecture, a masterclass for postgraduate students and  teach parts of some honours courses.

Akshay did his undergrad here at UWA before going off to the US for his postgrad. He is now a Professor at Stanford and is an invited speaker at next year’s International Congress of Mathematics. His first visit  as a Professor-at-Large will be directly after the congress. He was also here today for the meeting and we were able to reminisce about sharing an office in the period between our honours year and going off to separate parts of the world for our PhD’s.


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  1. We should also add that Akshay is one of a select few names that are being bandied around the “blogosphere” as strong possibilities for this year’s Fields Medal. Or if not this year, then next time round in 2014.

    Given that Maths at UWA – as almost everywhere else in Australia – seems to be in terminal decline, let’s hope that he gets it while we still exist!

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